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Sometimes, it's the little things 

That lead to the incredible and amazing. 

We are all impressed by the incredible and amazing. The little things - not so much.
On Wednesday, my wife and I were given tickets to attend the Cubs game at Wrigley against the Marlins. It was a pitching fest for most of the game, but the Cubs eventually found themselves down 4-2 entering the bottom of the 9th inning.
But the Cubs found themselves with the bottom of their order up against the Marlins closer. Our three BEST hitters were three hitters away from even getting to the plate. Even though I had converted my Cubs hat into “rally mode”, I held out little optimism that my Cubbies would pull off a three run comeback.
Something incredible and amazing would have to happen.
But, sometimes, it’s the little things. A lot of little things. The Cubs sent 8 men to the plate in the bottom of the ninth. This is what happened: double, single, walk, sacrifice fly (run scores).
When Kris Bryant came up, I was cheering for something incredible and amazing - a home run. He struck out.
When Anthony Rizzo came up, I was cheering for something incredible and amazing - a home run! He walked.
Then next guy walked too, and another run scored.
As the next batter came to the plate, with the tying run only 90 feet away, all he needed to do was get a hit. But he didn't. Instead... 
The guy on third scored on a wild pitch! Cubs Win!
Our culture puts a high degree of value on the incredible and amazing. And, of course, the incredible and amazing often leads to success. But that leaves most of us feeling pretty ordinary and not so valuable. So, perhaps, we need a shift in perspective.
Sometimes, actually, most of the time, it’s the little things that make up the incredible and amazing.
Through our faith in Christ, we have not only been reconciled to God through Christ, we have been called to join in the mission of God. That alone is incredible and amazing.
Most of have not been called to do the incredible and amazing, at least as we measure it. But all of us have been called to do the little things. We have been called to raise our children well. We have been called to serve God in our workplaces and our schools. We have been called to do what God has called us to do, where God has put us to do it. Thankfully, we are also called to do the little things alongside each other.
And it is through those little things, the singles, sacrifice flies, walks, scoring on wild pitches, in our daily lives that we participate in advancing the mission of God of proclaiming the gospel in this world.

And that, is incredible and amazing.

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