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Considering a (new) vocation (change)?

How the the church can (and should) help...

As you read this, I’m in Dallas, attending the national Faith@Work Summit. Since Tuesday evening, I’ve been listening to and interacting with some of the most innovative and influential minds on the subject how our faith instructs our work.
Last night, one of the speakers asked the question, What is role of the Church in helping people find their vocation of flourishing? More specifically, what is the role of your church in helping people find their vocation of flourishing?”
I spent a long time thinking about that last night.
At Trinity, our pastoral staff fully embraces the belief that God created us for work, and it is through our work that we glorify God and serve others.
But the question last night caused me to recognize that there is always room for practical improvements in helping our congregations at Trinity flourish in that truth.
It starts with our youth. For a very long time, whenever a youth or college student shows an interest in the Bible or leading in youth group, the primary feedback they often receive is,  “You should go into ministry!” 
Sure, it’s wonderful to encourage gifted young people towards ministry. But in that response is the presumption that God is not calling them into plumbing, or law, or small business ownership. The marketplace needs well-equipped Christians! We want to be a church that creates fully integrated disciples who experience and extend the transforming presence of Christ in their vocation of flourishing, and we want to help them find out what that is. At Trinity, our youth are currently hearing the message that all vocations matter! 
What about those who are wondering if they are in the right vocation?  Some of you are thinking that right now. Perhaps you’re spending time on various job websites wondering if you should make a transition. That can be a daunting, stressful, and lonely task.
If that’s the case, Geoff, Brent, and I would love to sit down with you and listen to what you're thinking. We would welcome, not only the opportunity to pray with you, but to actually enter into that discussion with you.  How has God gifted you? What makes your heart sing? We have resources at our disposal that can be helpful in identifying areas of giftedness. 
Recently, I heard Skye Jethani say, “For a long time, the Church has talked about work, the same way it has talked about sex:  Condemn, Ignore, or Idealize, instead of Affirm, Equip, and Encourage.”

I believe that we are doing a great job of helping our congregations to both experience and extend the transforming presence of Christ in the workplace. But, as is true with everything, there is always room for improvement.
Let us know how we can affirm, equip, and encourage you as you seek to follow Christ in all areas of your life.

Your Pastor, Michael 

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