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Communion with God in our Work

Communing with God in our daily work

Currently, some of the Redemption guys are meeting to consider the nature of work. One of my hopes is that we’d come to see work not merely as a set of tasks, but as a sphere in life in which we experience communion with God. But what does this actually mean?
In wrestling with these things, I’ve been struck by the words of Jesus when he is criticized for performing a work of healing on the Sabbath: “My Father is working till now, and I am working” (John 5:17).
The Father works. The Son works along with the Father. The communion of the Father and the Son involves shared work.
I sense profound implications for us here. But, instead of trying to spell them out, I want to provide opportunity for you to do some reflection. Consider taking a few minutes with Jesus’ words, and with the questions below, asking God to shed more light on what communing with him amidst your daily callings might entail.

1. What does Jesus’ description of his miraculous healing as “work” tell us about the essence of work in general?

2. John’s Gospel is rich with teaching about Jesus’ communion with the Father and of our being brought into that communion. If Jesus communes with the Father in his work, what does this mean for us by extension?
3. How does the statement; “We are meant to commune with God in our work” strike you? I’m not merely asking about your theological evaluation. I’m asking how this statement lands on you. Does it feel life-giving, mysterious, pious but unattainable? What do you think Jesus wants for you with regards to your life with him amidst your daily tasks?

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