• A church for the Southland

    Experiencing & Extending

    the Life-Changing Love of Jesus

    Come and grow with us!

    We meet Sundays @ 11am - 12642 South Massasoit, Palos Heights

  • The story of Redemption

    This is an exciting time in the life of our young church.


    The story of Redemption began 6 years ago, when Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA.) in Hinsdale sought to put a site in the Southland, eventually choosing Palos Heights. The hope was to multiply a church that seeks to experience and extend the life-changing love of Jesus. The original plan was to have a second service essentially the same as the one in Hinsdale.


    Over time, as we experienced the wonderful diversity of people living in the Southland, along with the logistics of leadership and planning across two sites, we arrived at a new goal of working toward becoming our own distinct congregation. We're making good progress, as our friends in Hinsdale continue to provide steady support and partnership, not only financially, but relationally and organizationally.


    In 2017 we renamed the Palos site "Redemption Church," reflecting our desire to experience and make known God's renewing love given in Jesus, and we have been deeply grateful as God has continued to add to our community. Our congregation is enriched by people from many walks of life who live as far north as Chicago Ridge and as far south as Park Forest, as far east as Beverly, and as far West as Orland Park.


    We're excited about the future and we would love the opportunity to get to know you!


  • It's All About Jesus

    Our hope is rooted in belonging to Jesus. His life, death, and resurrection have changed everything. And so we believe that everything we do must center on him. Our weekly worship is shaped by His gospel, and in our teaching time we study his word. We also seek to love each other well because we are all members of His body.

    Experiencing His Life-Changing Love

    We are accepted by Christ in all of our messiness. Yet, thankfully, Jesus doesn't leave us there. He transforms us from the inside out into the people we were created to be. We want to pursue this transformation together. From our youngest to our oldest we are committed to intentional discipleship.

    Extending His Life-Changing Love

    Jesus is engaged in a worldwide mission to make all things whole. As a church, we are participating in that work, Bringing clean water to orphans in Haiti, providing clothes for refugees, and even rebuilding broken marriages are all an expression of Christ's redeeming and reconciling work in our lives, our church, our communities.

  • worship @ redemption

    What Is Sunday Worship Like?

    We were created to love and be loved by God, so worshipping him together publicly is central to our church life. In our worship, we want to hold onto the riches of the past, but to do so in a way that feels alive and meaningful to people today. That means we practice some things that feel formal and traditional, like creeds and hymns, yet we aim for an atmosphere and style that are comfortable and contemporary. People's dress ranges from informal up to business casual, so come however you're comfortable.


    A glance at one of our church bulletins can provide a bit more information. But, we would love to have you join us in person!

    What To Do With My Kids?

    If your children are 3 or under, they can expect a clean nursery and background checked volunteers who love kids and will seek to make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible. All children are present for the first portion fo the service until the prayer for and dismissal of young children part-way through at which point the nursery opens. Children of all ages are welcome to stay with their parents throughout the entire service however if the parents wish.


    Also, the leadership of the church is working toward the goal of starting Sunday school for children during the hour before the service starts, hopefully soon in the New Year!

    How Long Will The Service Last?

    The service lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes. Coffee is served before hand and all are welcome to stick round for coffee and refreshments afterward. This can be a great time to visit and get to know each other better.

  • staff @ redemption

    Nick Policow


    Nick grew up in Northampton, MA, a small but lively college town in Western New England. Though raised in a winsome and solid church context, it wasn’t until the age of twenty that he became a sincere follower of Jesus. A couple years later, he began studies at Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, MI where he met Jennifer who had grown up in the nearby town of Hudsonville, MI. Nick and Jen were married in August, 2005 and have lived in Michigan, Northern Ireland, St. Louis, MO, and most recently in Lancaster, PA where they served New City Fellowship (PCA) for six years. They are parents to Zeke, Matthew and Simon.


    The Policows moved to Crestwood and joined Redemption in July, 2018, and are delighted to be a part of such a warm church family. They are also enthusiastic about life in Chicagoland in general. Nevertheless, the entire Policow family stubbornly refuses to cease putting ketchup on their hotdogs.



    Jess Bordenaro

    Music Director

    Jessica grew up in Lockport, IL. She attended Trinity Christian College where she led worship for Outcry (weekly student led worship) and graduated in May of 2015 with degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education. She currently lives in Crestwood, IL and has been teaching 5th grade in Oak Forest, IL for 3 years. You can find Jessica walking her dog, trying out tasty vegetarian recipes with friends, or reading for the church book club!


    Jessica has attended Redemption PCA for the past 2 years and has been a part of the worship team as well as working with the youths and participating in her community group and other weekly bible studies. She appreciates the outline of worship and the truth of the gospel that it reminds us of weekly. She is passionate about the ways that worshiping through music reminds us of God's grace and encourages us.


    Jessica is thrilled to step into the role of Worship Director and continue the mission of the church to experience and extend the life-changing love of Jesus through worship at Redemption.

    Rhoda Mattson

    Director of Women's Ministry

    Rhoda grew up on a dairy farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and attended college in Pensacola, Florida. She married Craig after college and began a teaching career as an elementary teacher. In 1998, they moved to Michigan where she attended law school. Rhoda and Craig have spent the last 14 years in Chicago raising their four children and working at Trinity Christian College.

    Rhoda enjoys planning family events, investing in the lives of her kids, neighbors, and colleagues, and learning and growing spiritually and professionally. She feels blessed to be part of a church where true community is happening and people "love each other deeply from the heart." She acknowledges that friends and community are gifts that God has given--not personal or individual rights that can be demanded from God--and she is grateful for the ways that she can be involved in kingdom work every day of the week.



    Nursery Coordinator

    Taryn grew up in Midlothian Illinois where she later met and married her husband Steven in 2015. She formerly served as a Teacher’s Assistant at Elim Christian School tough she stepped down when she and Steven welcomed their first child Micah into the world in 2018.


    Taryn is passionate about serving the church and local community. She loves being able to experience deep fellowship and her desire is to share Gods love with others. She values being a part of the community; whether its participating in local town events or in athletics. In her spare time, Taryn enjoys playing softball, being active, and communing with others.

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